Video projects
A selection of some of the video projects I’ve worked on recently

Oxford Business park
The brief was to capture the benefits of Oxford Business Park, what they offer businesses that choose to work there and the community spirit they’ve built. 
The shoot was very enjoyable, full cooperation of OBP staff to help make something engaging and a willingness to reach perfection. Time was spent scoping out the areas, planning shots and doing my best to try and capture as many aspects as possible.
Blake Morgan
The team at Blake Morgan wanted to tell a story that would help inspire their users, tell everyone about their values and help bring new business.
This video was part of a new service we were launching that used a simple white background and use of AE comps that could be turned around relatively quickly. The team at Blake Morgan was pleased with the shoot, having had a relaxing time on a very hot day and also very pleased with the final result.
Drone showreel
A selection of work shot over the years using a DJI Mavic pro. Some of my favourite drone shots were from filming for a local architects. Looking at the buildings and construction sites, it wasn’t hard to find inspiration for shots.
Since new laws have been introduced I haven’t had the chance to take my drone operator licence, but this is something I will get on with.
Oxfordshire Housing Crisis
In despair of being able to buy or rent my own place, to escape my parents house. I decided to search for answers. Years of PMQs, Question Time and countless articles lead me to believe lots was promised, little was delivered.
I took it upon myself to create a documentary, giving me purpose and reason to access those with power. Asking them directly why affordable housing has been stagnant in the county for years.
Oxfordshire Housing Crisis
Telling people what B4 is has never been easy as we covered so many areas, so deciding to explain with a video was the best solution. We invited some of our members to help tell others what we do and how we do it.
I wanted to make sure this video was engaging, kept people's attention and gave them the answers they needed.
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