Business in Oxford

Event Organisation / Web Design / Web Develpoment / Photography / Publication Layout / Art Direction / Branding / Video Production / Motion Design

We've been running Business in Oxford for the last 3 years and with each year that goes by, the event grows in popularity and prominence.

Now seen as one of the biggest events in Oxford's calendar, I wanted to make sure BIO 2016 was going to be a huge success. I wanted ease of accessibility, a stronger identity and a plan to share the event to non attendees post-event.

Branding the event had to be simple and due to other work commitments, quick. Having the event staged at Said Business School allows a lot of scope. We used pillar banners in the main reception hall, pillar banners in the Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre and made sure to brand the other lecture theatres, helps desks and lecterns. Along with printed programmes, the branding really helped with the atmosphere.

The Website

The website was clearly the key to making the event as accessible as possible. At the time I wasn't yet too clued up on Wordpress, so opted to use Bootstrap to quickly get a site structure designed and built fast. Having clear instructions, time table, ticket options and presentation choices were important when designing the site.

As attendees would be using their phones to check the time table and view information about presentations, I had to make sure the site works flawlessly on mobile, Bootstrap obviously makes this easy in implement, but I still had to make sure everything flowed well as the event would be a sensory overload. The website can be seen at

Video Content (Intros/Interviews)

To help highlight the branding and add to the atmosphere we decided to create a quick advert to play at the very start of the event once everyone had taken their seats. We managed to get this done a day before the event and were pleased it was received well.

During the day I made sure to capture a few interviews with presenters which helped post-event in advertising our success.


The photography was handled by myself and a freelance photographer we hired for the day. We managed to get all the shots we needed and even had time to do some video interviews later in the day.