As a multi-talented Designer my responsibilities are excitingly vast. My main areas of concentration are Graphic Design (print and web), Photography, Video (shooting and editing), event management and web development.

Graphic Design: In my role at the In Oxford Group I produce 24+ publications a year which range from restaurant guides, B4 Magazine, Living in Oxford Magazine and many more. Recently I've done a good job of breathing new life into publications that were starting to age.

Web: I enjoy web development and web design. Experience in Bootstrap and Wordpress and looking towards expanding on these. Java is something I want knowledge in.

Photography: I have a large quantity of work published in our publications. Shoots range from event photography, business photography and article work. Working with the client is paramount to having a fantastic result.

Videography: I'm currently working hard in building a library of content for our business magazine as well as events and business spotlights. Getting this off the ground has been exciting, making sure the branding was creatiing the right impact. Through this we've been lucky enough to draw interest from many business outside of the network wanting content.

Personal Interests

I have a keen interest in cycling, snowboarding, motorsport, photography and movies. Have taken part in a few charity bike rides, one from Paris to Oxford and another from Scotland.

Recently I've been learning C4D with a view to working on some 3D printing projects. Also working on improving my illustration work.

I’ll also confidently ruin any of your favourite dishes with my terrible cooking skills.